Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Locker space

this is the locker dimension and the materials.

sketch of the locker space. 
               the space itself will be somewhat dark, but as the person open their lockers the light will penetrate through the darkness, coming the display of light.

Floor materials and light planning

               this is the floor material planning or the experience as the person walk and feel each step.
 it also indicates the lighting proposal for each space, for example the main entry and the locker section will be dark because the sense of walking down to earth. the hallway (circulation) will be semi-dark because i want to emphasize the water feature at the intersection of the axis. the sound meditation space will also be dark with one major light source. the light meditation space will be bright enough to grow grass. it will be focused on the play of shadow.

light meditation space concept

this is the concept model for the light meditation hall.

here is the section of the light meditation space. the floor will be grass and soil.

sound (musical) meditation hall plan design

this is the concept model for the musical meditation space. 

this is the overall plan including the musical meditation space. in this space, i would like to emphasize the rhythm. there will be the sound of water that will locate on the peace sign axis. the way movement of water is inspired by the Japanese's bamboo water features.

this will create a rhythmical sound suitable  for meditation. at the starting point of the water, lies the gear wheel that is powered by outside wind.

and there will be the only window locate behind the wheel,
so as the wheel rotates, the shadow creates rhythmically according to the wind. thus the person also have the connection to outside environment without being outside. 
                    on the floor, there will be the rounded gravel started from the door opening to finer sand substance that resemble the movement of the sound wave. also it gives the sense of time and moment.

the word "musical," in this case, is the rhythm.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

final lobby plan

this is the final lobby plan.. i think this works well for both private and public space and still keep the axis that i want. the changing room is needed because i require people to take off their shoes before getting into the space. the long hallway is the great opportunity for placing the shoe locker and the rounded river rocks on the floor.

                the locker locates on both side of the axis that will be glass exterior finish and aroma wood locker panels. thus the outside can see the shoes display, while the inside can see the display of light when a person open up those lockers.
                on the floor at the location of the lockers, i will place the river bank rocks, so that  the person can experience the earth (not the shoes), as well as massaging at the same time. at the end of the locker section, there will be the water steam flows softly to purified the person's feet.

second lobby plan

this is the second lobby plan where as the person does not need to walk out the lobby in order to get to the inner option of the building, yet the design brake the axis that i want to resemble the peace symbol.